Waylon Jennings, Mountain Heart, Brazilians, World Cup… OH MY!

Hello all 3 of you that are following this blog. The last few weeks have been very busy.

I have been working at Blackbird Studios, Ocean Way Nashville, and First Avenue Sound on many exciting projects. I am presently at Blackbird mixing the New Mountain Heart record with Jim VanCleve producing. We were at First Ave. Sound earlier last week putting the final touches on it and we had a special guest pop in to sing background vocals, The incomparable, John Cowen. What a treat to see him effortlessly hit the high tenor parts on a few of the Mountain Heart songs. I used a Kel microphone on his voice. I have been mixing the last of these 4 songs over here at Blackbird with next Tuesday as a “tweak” day.

I then got a call from Scott Phillips, studio manager at Blackbird, to come and do a 3 hour guitar overdub on a Waylon Jennings tribute record that will be coming out later this year on scattertunes. The producer is Witt Stewart and he is a EVERYTHING that you want from a producer and label owner. If he wants it done, he just does it. No bull, no middleman. This record has everyone from Vince Gill to Joe Ely to Linda Davis and a new artist named Josh Thompson. The 3 hour overdub turned into 4 days of tracking and mixing. We did a last minute tracking date at Ocean Way Nashville on the Josh Thompson song, “Love of the Common People”. The overdub that I was originally called for was to put the legendary “Reggie Young” on a song and have Linda Davis sing the lead vocal and duet with Jessi Colter on “Storms Never Last”

I just talked to Jamey and Joe Booher, they are with a band called New Found Road. A band that I did a record for a few years ago. I went out on the road with them and laughed and complained all across the US doing the bluegrass circuit. If you haven’t seen them, make a point to go to their website and check out their tour schedule. They are an amazing blend of traditional bluegrass and old sad SAD country songs. Be careful out there on your way to Michigan, I wish that I was with you so that I could jack the bass through the roof.

Finally, I produced 2 songs for a Brazilian group called “Welcome 2 The Family”. The band consist of 2 brothers, Breno and Braulio. If all goes well, I will be producing the rest of the record later this summer. Many Thanks to my manager, Sarah Stout. I would not be able to do what I do without her guidance and wisdom. I also want to give a shout out to Jon Brooks of the MGroupemusic. He connected the band with me and I believe that we have a strong record in the making.

Goodbye for now, give me ideas on what you would like me to talk about and I will hit them next time

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David Hall – A Biography Veteran Nashville engineer David Hall is a treasured member of the audio community in the country music capital of the world. His vast, multi-genre discography is a vivid illustration of why Nashville is known as Music City and also why Hall brings his musically diverse experiences with him to each and every session he works on. In the late 1980’s Hall began his career in Nashville’s contemporary Christian genre learning the unique intricacies that exist serving that clientele. This led to a steady gig at one of Nashville’s most respected studios, Quad Recording. Like most successful engineers Hall eventually became a sought-after freelance engineer and spent years working in most, if not all, of Nashville’s prime studios. “The education I had was invaluable. Every day I learned new gear, new consoles, new techniques not to mention the distinctly different personalities of producers and artists,” he said. Eventually, his big break came when he worked with Quincy Jones and Mervyn Warren on “Handel’s Messiah: A Soulful Celebration” as an assistant engineer. Soon he was getting solid bookings as an assistant with the cream of the crop pop/rock engineers including Csaba Petocz, Joe Chiccarelli, and Mick Guzauski. This brought an increased depth to his music-making abilities. He soaked up the years of experiences....learning as much as he could from their expertise. “I can honestly say that these men molded who I am as an engineer today. There is no class, no college, no course that can teach what I learned in their employ,” he shares. “I consistently and confidently use the things they taught me every single time I am in the studio.” As Nashville’s music scene grew and continued to diversify so did Hall’s career. He maintained his freelance status but worked primarily at Nashville’s premier studio, Blackbird. “I had a great relationship with the management. It was a trust thing,” he recalls about the arrangement he had where he was able to take recording projects from budget to completion. “It was incredible. I got to make lots of great music in an incredible studio. The clients, who clearly wanted the best when they booked Blackbird also got top-notch engineering.” Hall recognized immediately how essential budget concerns were to the clients he worked with, so again, he diversified. David works at several different studios in and around Nashville. With relationships at a variety of studios around town, he can offer clients various price points. Throughout his incredible career, Hall has been able to work on multiple gold and platinum projects and win multiple Grammy Awards. Perhaps the best thing he has earned is the respect of his audio peers.

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